Lara Van Oerle

Lara Van Oerle

Journey To Zen


Hej! Hello there..

I’m Lara Van Oerle, a yoga teacher, sun-chaser, full-time tea drinker and lover of all things wellness, dedicated to empower women and help them to live a balanced life and become the best version of themselves through sharing everything I know about the yoga philosophy, meditation, psychology and the psychical yoga practice (aka asana – for the Sanskrit lovers out there).

In today’s society it’s definitely not always easy to follow your passion and chase your dreams. So many outside noises are telling you what to do. ‘You should get a degree’, ‘Find yourself a stable job’, ‘You can’t make money doing that’, … And then of course we limit ourselves with our own beliefs like ‘I’m not smart enough to do that’, ‘What if I fail’, ‘What will others think of me’, …

I’m here to help you guide on your path by sharing my passion for yoga and meditation! Think of me as a big sis or bestie who guides and inspires you to lead a life filled with passion, fun and lots of yoga.

Fun facts about me

  • If I would have a superpower it would be Time manipulation (finally enough time to read that book!)
  • I’m addicted to travelling and go to at least 2 new places every year!
  • When I come home I switch my clothes immediately to my favourite outfit, aka my pyjamas.
  • My favourite movie is Forest Gump (Life is like a box of chocolates, my friend)
  • And now that we are talking about chocolate, my all time favourite guilty pleasure is (yes you guessed it) CHOCOLATE. Chocolate bars, chocolate fudge, chocolate sauce, chocolate ice cream, chocolate milk, you name it, if it contains chocolate I’m sold.